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As you manage your properties with ASPMG, the data you capture along the way, such as information associated with costs and revenues, can then be used to measure actual performance against those you have projected. This will allow you to easily see the

 true picture of the return on your investments, while providing information that can help increase the accuracy of assumptions that lead you to make decisions in the future.  ASPMG offers extensive support for a wide variety of real estate management activities, providing you with complex common-area maintenance (CAM), reconciliations and assist you in resolving complex issues.



                                                   Our Services


               Supervision of the properties.

               Execute complete bookkeeping activities and strategize plans to reduce the monthly expenses.

               Meet, interview and verify potential Tenants as well as show the property and

                  Negotiate contract as per owner’s instructions.

               Work alongside attorney and accountant of the association as needed.

               We work to eliminate and correct any property violations coming from City,

                  County or municipality avoiding/reducing the payment of fines.

               Assist attorney in foreclosure and/or eviction process.

               Work to reduce number of late payments on monthly rents.

               Receive, address and resolve issues/complaints in the briefest time possible.

               Prepare and assist meetings with the Property Owners/Board of Directors.

               Prepare the elections process (if needed).

               Carry out necessary procedures to rent vacant units, listing in Loop net, Craig’s list, Zillow etc.


              With regards to the rental units; we offer all these services collectively or

              individually according to the customers’ needs.




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