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Our Company delivers the utmost professional and cost-effective property management available.  A Solid Property Management Group offers a customized plan to reduce costs, lower maintenance fees, raise property value, improve maintenance, landscape and refine management of finances and vendors.  We strive on adapting to the needs of our clientèle and can provide part-time or full time services.   Phone calls are answered by our bi-lingual employees properly trained; instead of voice mails. We work hard in order to enrich your property; allowing you to attend to your personal matters. This is possible due to our 24 hours a day professional service, at your disposal to handle any emergency that might arise. We even offer the option of having an on-site employee working on the property; for clients that prefer it.

Service Highlights

General Inspections

We regularly inspect properties in order to detect when repairs are necessary and prevent major problems. This is  one of the best ways to maintain and increase the value of your property. Property inspections are also done to enforce association regulations by unit owners/tenants.


After our property inspections, we put into action a customized plan for the maintenance staff to directly tackle the specific areas that need special attention within your community. In this manner we are providing a cost effective tool to ensure your property is safe and functioning correctly; while improving the appearance of your property.

Our team uses the latest software and professional accounting practice in order to resourcefully manage your property’s finances and allocate funds to the most productive investments

We Use the latest software and technology to keep our records up to date including communication with unit owners regarding the status of their accounts.

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